May. 9th, 2010 06:09 pm
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Title: Armageddon
Rating: Brown Cortina (for torture/abduction)
Word Count/Length: about 2,500
Characters: Jim Keats, Gene Hunt, and Sam Tyler
Summary: All the pieces are falling into place. Soon it will be checkmate.

Fairly dark this one, though not as much as my last offering. Inspired by the mysterious Shorty the smackhead in 3x04, and wondering about the odd connections he seemed to have to Sam Tyler.

The King was in his counting house. )



May. 9th, 2010 06:00 pm
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Rating: Red Cortina (for upsetting scenario)
Word Count/Length: about 2,500
Characters: Sam and Gene
Warning: Canon character death/disappearance
Summary: Gene just can't let Sam go.

I'm not going to lie to you, Marge: this one is pretty bleak. I noticed that Gene Hunt really doesn't like letting people go - as he told Alex, "no one leaves here until I say so" - and just took that to its logical, horrible extreme. Was also thinking about my favorite theory of What Really Happened to Sam, ie, he's handcuffed naked to the bed in Gene's basement for disobeying orders...and thought that if the writers ever actually did go in that direction, it would probably end up looking something like this.

If nothing else, I reckon this story will make whatever actually does happen in the finale seem a lot better by comparison. :)

Right. Everyone duly warned? Then let's go.

It’s funny how the last words you hear from someone can be almost comforting. )

Whew! Let's all have a nice watch of the Life on Mars 1x02 hospital dust-up scene to wash that one out of our brains, shall we?


Sammy Boy

Apr. 30th, 2010 08:34 am
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Title: Sammy Boy
Category: Songfic / AU
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count/Length: 1,114 approx
Warning: Implied character death, but only if you know where to look
Summary: In the end, Gene's just happy to be with Sam any way that he can

This could possibly be a kind of sequel to my Unbroken fic; the main character is certainly a similar version of the Guv. Partially inspired by one of the watchalong chats, where I suggested that the cop in the photo with little Sam is actually Gene. Also by recent A2A episodes where Gene slips Sam's jacket into the envelope almost like he's tucking someone into bed, plus the "GENE ♥ SAM" graffiti, which made me think about all the different forms that love can take.

The song Gene sings is a modified version of "Sonny Boy" by Al Jolson (lyrics here). Annoyingly, I can't find a version that does justice to how tender the song can be if it's sung right...this utterly gorgeous acoustic version captures something of the tune's lovely "lullabye in a music box" potential, though.

Alright. Got all that? Are we all ready? Then off we go!

Friends may forsake me, let them all forsake me, I still have you, Sammy boy )

EDIT: I've had it in the back of my mind for yonks to do a more accurate picture of little Sammy by somehow Photoshopping a PC helmet onto this picture, but I suck at Photoshop (actually Gimp). Anyone else up to the challenge?



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